Satoru Inu

How to buy $SATO - (Satoru Inu) 0xaf6f6abf18d2cc611921e6a683164efaa9165b43
In order to purchase $SATO Which is a smart contract on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain, you must obtain ETH/Ethereum first as well as a MetaMask Wallet.
MetaMask is a secure digital currency wallet that allows you to easily exchange/swap tokens via the wallet. MetaMask can be installed on iOS, Android as well as Google Chrome, and Firefox by following the instructions here on this website.
Purchasing ETH/Ethereum can be done through a multitude of services such as Coinbase, Binance, Coinbase, Exodus, and even Wyre or Transak via MetaMask.
Once you've successfully managed to purchase some ETH/Ethereum (If it was not through MetaMask, please transfer the ETH/Ethereum to your MetaMask Wallet, the address of which can be copied to clipboard directly by clicking "Account 1"/<Your Account Name> on MetaMask).
Once the ETH/Ethereum is in your MetaMask Wallet, now we're ready to get started shilling and chilling with some $SATO and enjoy those 2% rewards 😎
First, you'll want to head over to Uniswap which is where you'll connect your MetaMask and convert your ETH/Ethereum to $SATO, you can do this by heading to uniswap which will automatically import our token address 0xaf6f6abf18d2cc611921e6a683164efaa9165b43
Next, you'll see a nice big pink import button. Click it, then $SATO will be available to swap for ETH/Ethereum. We're not done yet though! Next, we need to actually swap our ETH/Ethereum in MetaMask for $SATO.
Next, enter in the amount of ETH/Ethereum you'd like to exchange for $SATO. Click on the gear cog in the top right and adjust your slippage to 13%. Then simply hit swap! MetaMask will open and ask you to confirm the transaction. Once confirmed then boom! You're now a $SATO Holder, welcome to the #SatoArmy!
If you need any help or find any of these steps confusing or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support through our Telegram! Remember, our support will NEVER ask you for any personal details such as your Name or Crypto Wallet Keys!