Satoru Inu

Overview & Tokenomics
Satoru Inu ($SATO) is a community-driven platform sanctioning people of all backgrounds to true financial freedom. Satoru was built with love to emphasize community, trust, and healthy innovation. The $SATO token is our equilibrium. The smart contract was built on the ERC-20 blockchain with great tokenomics and anticipation. With locked liquidity, 50% burn on launch, and a fully transparent and innovative team, $SATO is a very safe and beneficial token to hold. Buy, shill, and chill as your balance increases with our 2% reward system.
Satoru Inu ($SATO) is being built for purpose and utility. We plan to release future services such as
Satoru Samurai - A Play2Earn game (IOS, Android, Windows) with awesome upgradeable characters. Created for competitive and casual play, you can play, fight, and earn $SATO while you create your MySamurai and upgrade him to the top! Explore the SatoVerse and meet with your friends in Virtual Reality!
SatoruPay - Satoru Payments eco-system allows a multitude of different payments to be accepted through our platform with easy integration for merchants and a smooth onboarding process.
SatoruWallet - A fully decentralized trading ecosystem for DeFi emphasized coins where people can trade, send, and receive coins from any blockchain. Our irrefutable innovation will lead DeFi to cross-chain compatibility.
Last modified 1yr ago